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Stalingrad is a mod for the video game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It revolves around two teams, red and blue, which fight to the death. It is a battle simulator, and you can place units on either soldiers in Sandbox, or place units on one side and fight against a pre-generated army in Campaign. There are many different factions throughout history, and you can make your own units, factions, and campaigns, and post them online for people to try out. It can be found on Steam. As for the Stalingrad mod, it adds new units and factions beyond the limitations of the Unit Creator, with new models, unique abilities, and a goal to fit in with the vanilla game. It also expands existing factions, bringing them up to 14 units.

Check out the entire medieval faction!

Get confused at the odd champion unit!

Check out the revamped minotaur!

Check out the Odin unit!

Stalingrad 5

Animal Kingdom


How To INSTALL Mods on TABS - August 2020 ► Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Here is a mod tutorial on how to get mods.


  • The Stalingrad mod has been remade 6 times.
  • It is known as the Stalingrad mod because the creator's original general online username was Stalin.
Ancient LegionarySpartanMinotaurCentaurLeonidasApolloAres
Viking BlowhornRune MageBear JockeyReaverWarlordThorOdin
Medieval PriestJesterMarcherBlacksmithWall ShieldMarauderTemplarTowerIgnislasher
Secret ThiefPhilosopherMathematicianCelestialChampionCentaurpedeFlail Master
Animal Kingdom
Secret Terror Bird
Currently, there have been no mods that have been made by Meme Dealer that have maps